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Due to the nature of the executive search process, with regards to its thorough market search and dedication to finding the best candidate, it is proven to be the most efficient sourcing for top quality talent and executives remain in their positions longer than those placed through any other recruitment means. In addition to that, we make a difference by assuring:


We are highly specialized firm and our core service is Executive Search.

Our clients receive a very personalized and professional service, thanks to our expertise and extensive up-to-date market information, and our knowledge of the competitive environment the organization operates in. We understand the trends, issues and people that drive the Client’s sector.

Full confidentiality towards the client and the candidates

Our team is highly experienced in conducting discreet searches in highly sensitive situations and we also understand that treating candidates professionally throughout the process is critical.


Filling a key executive position with the highest quality candidate is of critical importance and errors are costly. Therefore we only accept assignments which we believe we can complete.

We never undertake an identical assignment with another client and never present the same candidates simultaneously.

Off-limits policy

We have a clear and strict off-limits policy. Aurea Consult does not, for a period of at least 2 years following the last completed assignment, recruit individuals out of a client company where we have previously placed a candidate.


Our clients are served on a highly personal and professional basis. Should the placed candidate leave within the period fixed in our agreement, Aurea Consult will undertake a replacement search at no additional cost. But our guarantee has been used in less than 1% of cases. More than 80% of our turnover comes from repeated business.